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These rules relate to the 2019-20 Deep South BMX Race Series and should be read in conjunction with the BC BMX Regulations. It is recommended that all riders and parents read the full BMX specific rulebook as set out by British Cycling.


Standard BC rules apply e.g. clips 13 & up, no Go-Pros etc.
For riders new to BMX racing this is a useful booklet prepared by the South BMX Region.



• Pre-registration is via the BC’s online event entry system.
• It is not necessary for riders to have BC race membership/race licence for this series but the rider will need to register for a BC (free) account to enter via BC’s online registration system. Additional information may need to be requested as some information is not supplied for non BC members/expired race licence holders (eg club/BC account number).
• Pre-registration will open approx 2 weeks prior to the event and closes at 23:55 on the Thursday prior to each round.
• If riding 20” and 24” both bikes must be entered via BC entry system.
• It is the rider’s responsibility to check the information on the pre-sheets.
• Errors or omissions cannot be rectified retrospectively after racing has started.


Front number plates and Side Plates

• A transponder is NOT required for this race series.
• Front and side number plates are mandatory clearly displaying the number with which they have registered.
• Please make sure you have a number, plate and side plates BEFORE the event and enter this during the registration process.


Race age calculation

• The series will be running with 2020 age groups as the series spans 2019 and 2020.
• The age class a rider is eligible to ride is determined by his/her age which shall be calculated by subtracting the rider’s year of birth from 2020.
• Any rider may elect to “ride up” 1 to 2 years. Eg male 12 up to male 13 or 14, female 13 or 14 up to female 15-16.
• Once the decision is made to ride up the rider must remain in that category for the rest of the series.



• NOVICE/EXPERT – as this is an inter-club level series there is no distinction, both levels will race together in each age category.
• Where there are less than 4 riders, categories may be combined however your points will revert to the original registered class.
• Females can choose to ride in female or male categories but need to race at least 4 rounds in one category to qualify for a trophy.
• 20” Mixed 6 & under, Female 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17+,
Male 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-29, 30+
• 24” Mixed 9-12, 13-14, 15-16, Female 17+, Male 17-29, 30+


Approximate race day timetable

From To
On the day registration 09:15 10.15
Rider sign in 09:15 10.30
Open practice 09:00 10:00
Gate practice 10:00 11:00
Racing as soon as possible after 11:30


Registration fees (including 2nd bike)


Youth Adult
Pre-reg via BC £13.50 £14.00
On the day £23.00 £24.00



• The intention is to run all finals however this may be dependent on the weather & light.
• Results will be available on Our Sqorz website prior to submission to BC.
• It is a rider’s responsibility to check the information in a timely manner.
• Any queries should be made to a rider’s club in the first instance and escalated (by the club rep) if deemed appropriate.
• Cat C regional points will be awarded for those age groups that receive ranking points as per BC rulings.
• To achieve an overall result and a possible trophy you will need to compete in a min of 4 rounds in the same category.


Points Table

Result Motos A Final B Final C Final
1st 8 76 40 24
2nd 7 70 38 22
3rd 6 64 36 20
4th 5 60 34 18
5th 4 56 32 16
6th 3 52 30 14
7th 2 48 28 12
8th 1 44 26 10


Series trophies

• There will be trophies for the top 8 in each category for the overall series results (subject to qualification).
• Qualification will be 4 rounds from 6 rounds.
• If a rider finishes in the top 8 but hasn’t done enough to qualify then the trophy will roll over to the next qualifying rider.
• Trophies will be presented after racing at the final round.


Equipment Inspection

• Before official practice, the start of or during the course of any competition or event, the rider, his bicycle, helmet and clothing may be subject to inspection by officials in order to ascertain whether or not this equipment conforms to these rules. The organisers make no representation and/or statement of opinion as to the track worthiness of any bicycle, clothing, safety equipment or other gear which may be examined during the course of this inspection
• Any rider whose equipment is unsafe in the opinion of the officials, whether or not it fails to comply with a specific provision of these rules, shall not be permitted to ride on the track.
• Any rider who does not comply with all instructions given to him by the officials with respect to his equipment shall not be permitted to compete in any event.
• Body or bike mounted cameras are not permitted to be used during racing at Deep South events.


Race Wear and Helmets

• All rider’s clothing must comply with the BC Rulebook which states that long pants or shorts combined with suitable knee and shin protection which must be of a type that is specifically designed and sold to provide protection in BMX, Moto-Cross or downhill mountain biking. Riders are not permitted to wear jeans, joggers, cargo pants or leggings during practice or racing.
• It is the responsibility of the rider or parent that helmets are correctly fastened before the rider leaves the pens. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.


As a volunteer organisation that is dedicated to promoting the sport of BMX racing, we encourage good behaviour and sporting respect from all riders, parents and supporters at all times. Deep South BMX Racing reserve the right to withdraw a rider from the event if the rider, parent or associate is found to have behaved in contravention of the following code of conduct guidelines (This will also include notification to British Cycling of any incidents).
• All members, riders, parents and officials must conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect the ideals of good sportsmanship.
• Express and accept each other’s views, opinions and decisions without contempt.
• Never bring him or herself or the sport of BMX racing into disrepute.
• All riders must observe these rules and follow all instructions given to them by any Commissaire or official at any time during the course of the event.
• Every rider must at all times observe such conduct as reflects the ideals of good sportsmanship and avoid any conduct which may bring their self or the sport of BMX into disrepute.
• The use of obscene or foul language is forbidden.
• Riders using such language will be penalized in a manner to be determined by the Commissaire or official at any time during the course of the event.
• A rider may receive an official, verbal warning for certain misconduct.
• The first warning issued to a rider at an event carries no specific penalty other than the advice of the warning.
• However, the issuance of a subsequent warning for the same, or any other offence on the same day will result in the riders disqualification from the event.
• Riders will be held accountable for the actions of their parents, team managers and any other persons in their company at a BMX competition or event.
• Any misconduct on the part of any of these persons may, at the discretion of a race Commissaire or race director result in the disqualification or suspension of the rider and the removal of the offending persons from the track area.



• Only male or female riders aged 9 & under may be assisted by an adult in any protest or appeal.
• At the start gate, only riders in Mixed 6 & Under, Male 7 or Female 7-8 may be supported.
• This may only be done by holding the rear wheel of the bike between the supporter’s legs.
• The use of hands to support a rider is prohibited.
• Only competing riders and officials may enter the rider pens or start hill.



And finally

Please have fun and remember we are volunteers trying to keep kids on bikes – no matter their age!